About UHP

The University of Hawaii Productions (UHP) is an organization specializing in video production. Our organization was previously called the “Student Video & Filmmakers Association (SVFA)” but rebranded into UHP in 2011 under a new GM. UHP is governed by the Student Media Board. Being under the Student Media Board is a privilege and helps  create an opportunity for students in UHP to collaborate with other media organizations such as Ka leo, Ktuh, and Hawaii Review.

Since the rebranding, UHP’s main focus has been helping students develop the professional skills needed to succeed a career in Video Production. Although UHP helps develop skills for video production, application is open to any fee-paying student in the University of Hawaii system and any major. .Students who join UHP develop skills like planning/organization, communication, problem solving, leadership, and creativity.

Currently our office is located in Campus Center 312 right above Subway and it is open every weekday from 10am to 5pm. If you would like to contact us you can reach us at our email at uhpro@hawaii.edu.